Link to Risk java based, must have java installed. This is the only game I play on the computer.

I look around the web whenever I see a quality program I try to make a permanent klik out of it and store it on my harddrive. I really do not like kliks policy of using klik recipes preferably only on one main klik site. Most of the kliks on the klik site are from the debain main site. What use is that when you can just apt-get install it (unless you are on an rpm system). One thing you learn about computers is that many programs go obsolete, the maintainer changes links, websites vanish. The idea of making recipes, that automatically makes .cmgs is a recipe for disaster, unless it is just to automatically make the latest and greatest.

There are 100s of quality Java and windows (wine) programs that could be made into kliks. Imagine a website with 100s of windows programs that work with wine as .cmgs, all put in a directory. Just download the whole directory instead of dealing with silver or gold this tweak that tweak. When knopper makes a DVD release of a distro they could add that directory to the extra space at the end of the dvd.