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Thread: Klik on Windows ?

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    Klik on Windows ?

    I just read an article about Klik , and it s something really impressive . It seems klick need a linux kernel where the cramfs module is compiled with . I also see the CoLinux project (running linux kernel under windows ) and Cygwin project ( Porting GNU tools under windows ) . Colinux have running natively a japanese knoppix under windows . Is it possible to use Klik in same way ?
    It would be usefull for the people who are behind their Windows at work (because admin install only this system on pc )
    And at free time they can test new CVS app running klik . What do you think ? is it possible ?

    see you and thankx for klick , it s a great tools

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    Well CoLinux means you are running Linux, under Windows but that's incidental, so there is no reason why klik cannot be used there. Cygwin on the other hand is effectively a seperate architecture and as it is not supported by Debian I really, really doubt we will see that happen unless a team appears who wants it and have the skills and resources to do it.

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