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Thread: Installing extra software

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    Installing extra software


    i've been trying to install more software but it keeps on telling me that some depend files are missing. So i would like to know how do i go about finding mostly 'lib' files and others.


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    Are You Using Synaptic?

    I assume you have HD install and you aren't trying to install from tarballs or rpms or anything like that.

    If you are not using Synaptic, a GUI application installer, then you should open a console and type apt-get install Synaptic

    It will usually automagically install whatever libraries etc., you need to run an application in addition to the application itself. The command line does that somewhat but, Synaptic is a huge improvement.

    See if that works for you.

    Soapbox Plug: Synaptic is so light years beyond anything Windows in the way of software installation -- it is mind blowing. Even when Vista comes out, it won't have anything like Synaptic. Too bad (for M$).


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    Installing extra software

    You are probably using kpackage (a synaptic clone) which is accessed via; Kmenu -> KNOPPIX -> Utilities as this is included in an install.

    The problem you are experienceing is due to to fact that knoppix is a hand picked selection of applications and libraries that is not necessarilly meant to be upgraded without possible _severe_ dependency issues. The knoppix engineers sort all this out for each release.

    For normal desktop use, may I suggest that you investigate another GNU/Linux distribution meant for regular desktop use.

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    I could not find this package. The apt-get step said the package did not exist! Was this correct?

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    Knoppix is not intended for hard disk install. If you insist and it works at all (it often doesn't, at least for things like network access that worked fine from the CD), then installing more software is the surest way to break it.
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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