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Thread: Nero burning problems

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    Nero burning problems

    Ok ive downloaded the latest version via FTP


    Ive then md5'ed the file and it matches so am assuming its ok

    In nero I go to

    burn->image, and then select the iso file as usual (ive burned .iso files fine in the past in exactly the same way)

    I then get a popup box with header

    Foreign image settings

    With the options for
    Type of image:
    data mode 1
    data mode 2

    a checkbox for raw data

    block size(bytes) - defaults to 2048
    image header(bytes) - default to 0
    image trailer(bytes) - defaults to 0

    And two checkboxes for

    which are both unticked
    What options should I be using for these, to burn the bootable image

    Im not usually presented with these options so am unsure which option to use

    Any help most appreciated


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    Updated to the latest version of nero, this sorted the problem out, just did burn image and rebooted

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