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    I downloaded TweakUI 2 days ago. I must of made a change which requires me to enter my password in the Administrator screen in windows. I have Windows Media Center. I am using KNOPPIX for the first time. But I REALLY need to get access to my password or get around it somehow.

    I have been up all night trying to figure out my password and can not seem to remember. This is not a stolen computer.

    Also there is no restore CD. My computer came with VAIO recovery console. So I usually go there if I need to revover anything or start from scratch. I know I need to mae a disk next time.

    But is there anything I can do? Is there a file I can get to through KNOPPIX that has my password?

    Any help is apreciated.


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    Download the ophcrack livecd. It is 475MB

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    NT Password utility and registry editor
    It is available to use as a bootdisk or a boot cd.
    It will either change the password or set it to a blank.

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    I have done both. I borned the ISO file to a disk. Then placed the CD in the drive. I restarted my Computer. Now with the 475 MB from Underscore when I bott up it says Operating System Missing.. I try it with out it then while in Admin screen I insert the disk again. The mouse pointer flickered a cd real quick like it read the disk. But nothing other tha thatt.

    Right now I am on here using D.S.L Damn Small Linux. I have a Sony Vaio VGC RB38G with Windows Media Center. I even brought my computer to a local computer shop. They said . "We can clear any password with no problem for $29.00" After 3 hours they couldnt do anything.

    There disk was some copy which had written on it Password Crack.

    I can not get into my BIOS either. Now when I create these disk will I make them Bootable or what? WHat is the best software to do the burning with. I used SONIC for the 475mb file.
    For the other file I used the Program that was on the screen. I unzipped the file then downloaded the XPburner. Nothing ever happened. Let me know what else I can do. Or the steps to take.

    Is there a way t locate all the files using linux and transfering them to a disk, jumpdrive, or sdcard? I have a laptop with Windows XP on as well.

    Can I install another hard drive and work around it somehow? I have a couple old FAT32 4 gb drives lying around.

    If I can just recover my documents and Outlook contacts . I could care less about anything else. I would happily reinstall my OS . But I dont have a recovey disk. Sony online chat is telling me to do a system recovery . But I can still get certain docs.

    Sorry for all the questions. I am really digging this whole Linux thing.

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    read here, they are NOT Zip, Rar or any other such,

    they are ISO. you just burn the cd as an image.
    read the whole FAQ, it has the answers you seek.

    as for recovering the files. hmm, sure, use a second disk (fat32), usbpen, card in a reader, network...
    search this forum some, i have answered this question several times before, we both have.
    keywords might be sftp, samba, ssh, recovery, share, mounting, usbdisk and so on.

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    Try with this:

    ed2k://|file||493727|2AD334EA9C8917309499616E38957799| h=HKXLT5WPVU5TV4OU73MMIYUZJFKXYGRK|/

    Help me several times!

    This is emule/eDonkey link so You need some p2p klient!

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    Is this an "Administrative" account that you created or the default "Administrator" account that windows creates? If it's an account that you created all you haqve to do is press F8 when your computer starts and boot safe mode and go change your password.... maybe i overlooked something in your post.......

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