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Thread: I think knoppix is my machine independent OS, can I do this?

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    I think knoppix is my machine independent OS, can I do this?

    I found out about knoppix this morning. What I'm looking for is an OS that can be booted from a CD
    and allows for saving files and configuration files/profiles for various programs, i.e. Open Office, Opera, Firefox,
    Thunderbird and some as yet unfound newsreader that works on both linux and windows, on a
    usb key drive. My desire is to have a transportable OS and R/W storage setup that will work on
    a couple different windows based machines so when I visit away from my machine I can still enjoy
    my basic setup. Assuming that the away machines have no issues with booting knoppix, the unknown
    at the moment is will knoppix programs, i.e. firefox, work with a profile on a keydrive? I've done
    some searches and read the faq. I'm interested in workability of specific programs,
    Open Office
    using an usb key drive to store data/profiles/documents/etc and migrating between machines that otherwise
    have no issues with knoppix. Thanks,

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    yes, saveconf and permanent home will let you do these things.
    First make the permanent home on the USB key, save the configs reboot and make the changes you want in your userprofile (the saved configs are for systemwide things).
    if you do not reboot the changes wil not be saved to your new /home/knoppix, OK, you could "force" things but a reboot is the easy way.

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