I think I have found an oops(tm) on the Knoppix 5.0DVD:
If I boot with the lang=cs cheatcode, some of the letters on the various menus (KDE, all applications, etc.) are messed up. Messed up, means that certain (but not all!) language specific letters show up as either squares or question marks. Seems as if the default font for this language has missing letters. If I change the font to Arial, for example, then everything is just fine.
I also have access to 3.4CD, which uses Helvetica as the default font for lang=cs, and everything looks fine there. I have also tried this with 4.02CD, where lang=cs has no effect on the menus ... that is, all the menus are in English.
I have also tried several other lang=??, with 5.0DVD, and the others look just fine.
I suspect this should be an easy thing to fix. How can I forward this to the "proper" people, so that the fix will make it to the next release?