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Thread: How 2 create KNPX cd using Mac Jag for Compaq laptop?

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    How 2 create KNPX cd using Mac Jag for Compaq laptop?

    I am trying to create a Knoppix cd using my Mac iBook running on Jaguar. Jaguar does not support Bit Torrent. However I believe have successfully downloaded the 695MB knoppix ISO file to my desktop. Now I want to burn it in order that it will boot on a Compaq Presario 1200 laptop which currently HAS NO OPERATING SYSTEM.

    The CD-R I made of the 695MB file--using TOAST-- is not booting up on the Mac iBook. The iBook ignores it and goes straight through to OS 10.2. And the Compaq with NO OPERATING SYSTEM won't recognize it either.

    Much obliged for any help. I want to do this without obtaining a ready made CD.

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    First let me say that I have absolutely no experience with a MAC or with Toast. However, it does not matter if you used BitTorrent or not, but if you didn't use BitTorrent you are wasting your time if you don't check the md5 checksum of the ISO that you downloaded against the md5 file on the mirrors.

    I saw that someone had added MAC burning info recently to the downloading faq. Of course, Knoppix is not going to boot on a MAC, but you should be able to download, confirm the md5 sum, and burn the iso image properly on a MAC. My guess would be that, if the ISO md5 sum is correct, that you didn't use the correct option to burn the ISO as an image. And, of coure, be sure that you burn the ISO at a slow speed.

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