Ok, I am hoping someone will know the answer to this. I am looking for the english version of KNOPPICILLIN 4. I found the ISO at the following URL:


After uncompressing the k4plus.tgz file, I burned the ISO and rebooted my IBM labtop and lo and behold, knoppicillin booted up. I used the following syntax to get english:

boot: knoppix lang=us

It seems that some of the menus proceeded to be english but as the configuration went further, everything went German. Also, I am looking for the full version of KNOPPICILLIN 4 (or whatever the lastest version is) with all of the proprietary drivers in one CD. If not, is their documentation that I can look at that will tell me where and how to install this on the current CD, provided everything is in english?

I have been googling around and it states that the full version might be included in a back order of some magazine which is where it is distributed.
If so, then where can I order this CD, assuming it's in English and and it has all the necessary apps and drivers?

This CD seems pretty cool if I can get my hands on a working copy. Any ideas?

Some people are just telling me to build my own LiveCD and although that is not difficult, I prefer if the solution already exists rather than myself making it. If it costs money, I will gladly pay for it, provided that it's cheap.