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I figured out where to get the drivers I need to enable "Direct Rendering"....but..... everytime I try to install them(dripkg), the makefiles complain that CONFIG_X86_CMPXCHG is not enabled in the kernel.

How do I patch/upgrade my kernel to enable CONFIG_X86_CMPXCHG???

I tried this --> http://www.ussg.iu.edu/hypermail/lin...10.3/1505.html

Even after changing all "linux-2.6" to "linux-2.6.17" that Knoppix 5.01 DVD comes with..... doing...

cd /usr/src
patch -p0 < MyCutAndPasteFromURLKernelPatch.txt

I get a bunch of malformed errors. Now, I don't think that patch is correct and I don't wanna mess up my knoppix install(though, it's pretty standard... so I could just wipe it out and start over I guess). I've read a bunch of tutorials online about patching/upgrading kernels, but I'm thinking Knoppix's kernel is too customized for me to download a generic kernel and just install it. Also, I question if I even need to upgrade/patch the kernel... because make menuconfig --> search... shows me that there are CONFIG_X86_CMPXCHG & CONFIG_X86_CMPXCHG64 already present...somewhere, in some file...marked as "=n". How do I change them to "=y"?
At the end of the day, I want glxinfo to tell me "Direct rendering: Yes". And I'm sure I'll get that once I get this dripkg makefile to complete successfully. I already suspect that my patching attempts have made a bunch of unfinished changes that'll end up forcing me to re-install knoppix from scratch before this is all over.

BTW, This is a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4004 notebook.
The command "dmesg | grep agp" shows Intel 945GM Chipset.



I see Intel 945GM graphics driver for Linux here:

I see DRI's home page listing Intel's i945GM compatibility as "supported" here:

....but, still haven't figured out what to do with all this....