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Thread: Can't copy files

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    Can't copy files

    I need to backup files for a Windows re-install. I booted with Knoppix 5.0.1 and browsed the files that I need with Konqueror. I put a blank CD in the DVD/CD-RW drive. I right-click a folder that I want to copy and select 'Copy To' pointing at the blank CD. It gives me a "malformed URL" message. Can someone help me through this? I'm new to Knoppix.

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    If you put in and format a CD R/W, or put in a formated CD R/W you might be able to mount it and then use this technique. With a blank CDR you need to run it through mkiso to create an ISO 9660 filesystem and then the software to burn that file system onto the CD. The last steps on remastering the KNOPPIX CD give you a quick overview of the process. If you can lay hands on a USB drive, or network another computer, it is probably a easier way to accomplish the backup.

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    Why can't you just use K3b? It looks and works similar to most "Windows" based burning software. If rou like the command line, cdrecord will work too.

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