Currently my screensize for knoppix is 640x480, and i would like to change it to 1024 x 768. I went into "configure desktop" and then to display. the only option it gives me is 640x480. I don't know if there is something I must do differently during the startup, or if I'm just doing something wrong. I tried using the cheatcode "knoppix screen=1024x768" and it starts to load up, but right after that it says "you passed an undefined mode number. press <return> to see video modes or press <space> to continue or wait 30 seconds". When i press enter, it gives me all these numbers like 80*25, and 80*40. I usually press SPACE because they only would change the text size for the loading process. I am currently using knoppix 4.0.2. if i can't get this fixed, i'll just forget it and get knoppix 5

And heres another one problem, sound doesn't work. I tried playing several mp3 files and it seems to be playing fine but the sound just doesn't make it to the speakers. Video files don't work as well. It seems i can't save, delete any files on my harddrive at all!