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Thread: Streaming music choices

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    Streaming music choices

    Since RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player streams won't play in the default Knoppix setup (no players), I went looking for something that WOULD play. I LOVE the fact that Knoppix works so well -- and so easily -- with my SBC DSL!

    I started with the heavy hitter, which is Virgin Radio London, a rock station:

    Streaming MP3 -- good content, excellent audio quality. It even recognized that I was running Linux. Cool! But I wanted a little more choice. Then I remembered:

    which has support for SHOUTcast streaming MP3 technology. It, too, works GREAT with XMMS -- and has nearly as much variety as Spinner, with no ads on most streams. Classical, jazz, rock, reggae, electronic -- it's all there. Many streams have multiple bandwidth choices, from 28.8 kbps right up to cable/T1. It's about the middle of the home page.

    Just thought I would share... By the way, does anyone have other suggestions for MP3 streams?

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    Loper, is also a good source for mp3 streams. You have to join (it's free), but then you can save your favorite stations and just log in and listen to them.

    Hope there are some stream you like

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    yes, any shoutcase or icecast streams will work with XMMS. u can find these all over the place, and most of them are pretty good.

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