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Thread: how do i get knoppix 3.1 CD?

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    how do i get knoppix 3.1 CD?

    I sent $8 to to get the CD- Problem: I sent the money on Dec 15, 2002.. Still no CD- no response to my phone calls - NO response to my many emails...Anyone know why I cant get a CD with KNOPPIX 3.1? Every time I try to dowload- I get timed out- so want to get a CD... No luck- did I trash $8???
    Patrick Albuquereque NM

    Their wonderful web site:

    dont know if they are still legit- or "down"... The phone rings and rings- noo one ever answers it..Did I get hosed???

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    Reliable any time I've used them, and only $4.99 for Knoppix CD.

    Bummer about LordSutch order, but yours isn't the first post on here complaining about them AFAIR

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    try QXL

    You could try this one:

    Your cash would be protected by QXL if anything went wrong.

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    I have a pile of V3.1-08-11-2002-EN CDs lying around that I use with my students. If you'd like one, I could mail it to you! Just email me privately:

    Also, I have a remastered CD without oggs and games to make room for Java SDK 1.4.1 if you'd rather that.

    Good Luck,

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