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Thread: Wanted: Overview

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    Wanted: Overview

    The Knoppix CD is fantastic, yet when transferred to the hdd it seems to suffer from the the same (or similar) ills as other distros.
    Given that Klaus Knopper must be a geuius, can anyone offer insights into the underlying problems that are involved in installing an OS to a hdd?

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    Re: Wanted: Overview

    This is an incredibly open ended question. Could you specify exactly what problems you are having with your hard drive install?

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    My request is based on the posts to this and the Linuxtag forums.
    In general, I have been trying , off and on, to install a _working_ linux distro for over a year .As a complete newbie I have spent hours looking over sites re Mandrake, Redhat and suse, inc Knoppix of course.
    My request is open ended because, as others have commented elsewhere, the performance of the Knoppix CD is so very different from any other linux distro that I have tried.
    How is it possible for one man, Klaus Knopper, to create a linux distro. that has NO PROBLEMS recognizing hardware, while every other distro that I have tried has problems?
    One man versus how many programmers working for how many distros?
    I cannot understand this, so my question has to be open ended; my ignorance precludes a more coherent question.

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    I have to agree with you that probably the best thing about Knoppix is it's hardware detection abilities. Hopefullly Klaus' magic in this area will serve as a model for others.

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    senorian, can you please specify what problems you have with HD installs. I have several different distros on several different PC's, all with no problems installing or running. The last install was Debian using Klaus's Knoppix, I used the install script and everything set up perfect, as long as I log in as root (I have to change the language settings ) If you can provide to problem, I'm sure the solution can also be provided.

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    Very many thanks for your offer.
    I have the 10.31.02 release and I am waiting for a supplier to send me the 01.01.03 release.
    I will, if I may, defer your offer of help untill I have tried this release.
    I fear that I may have so many questions that I will outwear my welcome!
    Thanks again

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    forum would not accept my post as senorian as I am posting from the knoppix cd and I registered with Windows

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