I've had no problems getting online with Knoppix, until I started trying to save my configuration to HD. If I boot from the CD without the "myconfig" cheat code, I can get on the internet with absolutely no problem. But I'd rather use "myconfig", because it takes me ages to set all the fonts, etc., up to my liking again.

Right now, I'm using Knoppix v.5.0.1. I have a high-speed internet connection, and use a Motorola SB5120 SURFboard cable modem, connected with an ethernet cable at eth0. During boot-up, even when I use myconfig, Knoppix detects the hardware...it's just that I can't get online.

I've had this same problem even after erasing the saved configuration file and creating a new one, in both this current version of Knoppix and Knoppix v.3.7 (the first version I used).

I've searched this forum, searched the internet, checked out Linux books at the library, and recently bought my first book about Knoppix...but I can't find anything that helps this specific problem I'm having.

Is there some way for me to manually check and adjust any settings so I can get on the Internet, when this problem arises? Please bear in mind I'm a relative newbie, with just a little experience in using the command line (though I'm willing and eager to learn more).

If anyone can help me with this, I'd truly appreciate it...I love using Knoppix, and would love it even more if I didn't have to adjust all my settings every single time, just to be able to go online. Thanks in advance!