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Thread: How to Connect to XP machine

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    How to Connect to XP machine

    Hi, my windows XP installation has crashed on a laptop. I'd like to copy all the information off the laptop on to my desktop prior to reinstalling the OS, unfortunately I can't even boot in to XP on the laptop.

    I can see the partition and files when I boot using Knoppix, I can connect to the internet through the router (Linksys RT31P2), the desktop is connected to the same router. I can ping XP from Knoppix, I can not ping Knoppix from XP. The router is configured as a DHCP server.

    Can I copy the entire contents of the laptop (now booted in Linux) to a folder on the desktop (Win XP)? Can I map the drive on the linux machine using XP?

    How should I do this?

    Thanks, John

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    I am somewhat pressed for time (about to board plane) will just point you to these links

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    Two comments

    1) if the desktop is XP home (a fat32 file system,) you can do the transfer using knoppix CD's on both ends and avoid the samba configuration.

    2) Google "forensic" type "copies". You can zip and send an entire partition over a network and unzip it into an empty partition on the desktop and then salvage, take it apart and|or recover with partition or file recovery tools at will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rcook
    1) if the desktop is XP home (a fat32 file system,) ....
    The default file system for XP home is NTFS. While it will also support fat file systems, it is very rare to find someone who installed it this way, and it never comes pre-installed this way.
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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    Thank you for all the replies.

    I have managed to start the copy process. I did the following:

    - turn off windows firewall
    - allow write access to 'everyone' to a specific share on the windows machine
    - used KNetAttach under Internet to map the shared folder
    - then just used Knoppix to copy the files, it is still copying but is working, transfer rate is OK but not great. It sat idle for quite a while asking if I wanted to skip a tmp file that windows had left open

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