This is useful if you have been using firefox under windows, and you want to save your passwords and bookmarks.

mileage may vary...

I have been able to copy all my firefox settings from Windows to Knoppix. It involves some command line work in cygwin, which I've used for several years, and a bit of experimenting. It can also be done with 7-zip, which supports the bzip2 and tar formats, which is required here.

I created a linux directory on c: and copied the config files, and configs.tbz there. has to be edited, to contain


Your firefox settings are stored in
C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles, a hidden directory.

You have to unpack configs.tbz now. I used bunzip2, which is part of cygwin, a linux emulation layer for windows. You now have configs.tar, which you have to further unpack. Use tar -xf configs.tar. I copied the contents of the firefox settings directory to /home/knoppix in my cygwin directory.
Now, tar -Pcf configs.tar /home/knoppix. This adds your firefox settings to configs.tar, and pack it again, thus - bzip2 -9 configs.tar.

Give it a shot and let everyone know if it works.