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Thread: Uninstall Windows Drivers through Knoppix?

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    Uninstall Windows Drivers through Knoppix?

    Hi all.

    I am new to Knoppix. I have a new graphics card, but I have not uninstalled the drivers for the old one. I cannot get into windows, because a get the Blue Screen of Death everytime I start up. I also do not have my old card to boot from.

    So, can I use Knoppix to delete and uninstall the drivers from my Windows installation?



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    A bit complicated because uninstalling a driver involves more than just deleting files. Why don't you try something simpler like booting Windows in safe mode first.

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    I ended up booting from the Win XP Cd, and going to repair. it did some stuff, then it started fine. I then tried to install the new ATI drivers, and it crashed to a blue screen, with an IRQ LESS THAN OR EQUAL error, or something similar. So I tried again, and it worked.

    Everything is ok now!

    Thanks for your help!


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