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Thread: Run scripts from floppy at boot

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    Run scripts from floppy at boot


    I am experimenting with a knoppix router running the live cd. I could easily remaster a cd tailored to my network configuration (I use that term loosely as I have yet to remaster a cd) but I would like it if I could make my image a little more versatile than just tailored to my immediate needs especially if at any time I need to change my network configuration. I read somewhere that it's possible to write some bash configuration scripts (such as commands to set eth0 to a certain ip address, etc.) on a floppy disk and then have those commands executed when the system boots. This would give me the flexability I'm looking for I think. I didn't write down the forums I saw that on though and can't find them again. Does anyone have some pointers on how I can do this or can perhaps point me in the direction of a howto on it? Thanks!

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    Just create a script called on the floppy and then use knoppix floppyconfig when booting the LiveCD.

    This and some other boot-options are listed at, or in a file KNOPPIX/knoppix-cheatcodes.txt in your Knoppix CD/DVD.

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    Ok, I'll do that. Thanks!

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    I am trying to use in the main image (basically the same function as putting one on floppy).

    The script gets pickup and run when I boot but it not doing what I expect. This is probably because I dont know what state knoppix is in at that point and what environment the script is running in.

    Since the script is outside the KNOPPIX compressed system who can I refer to, say, the /opt directory of the live system.

    I want my script to untar some data into the fresh system before X starts.

    This would seem to be the place to do it I just dont know the relative path to live system.


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    PS , I forgot that the script that I need to run needs some user keyboard input and it would be helpful to see the console at this point.

    any suggestions ?

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