I have a compaq laptop with a 2.4ghz celeron processer and running windows xp home edition sp1. Recently my computer started getting alot of pop-ups so I did a system restore. After the system restore, my computer will no longer boot windows. after the windows xp screen pops up, my screen will go blank and my mouse will blink, then the computer would say there was a problem with lsass.exe, then it replaced that error message with this one "When trying to update the password, the return status indicates that the value provided for the current password is incorrect". Then it reboots itself everytime. If I try to run the recovery console, boot in safe mode or any other mode, or run the windows set up cd, it will reboot itself as well. The only way I have found to start it so far is to run knoppix 4.0 live cd, but my computer freezes whenever I try to delete file off of the hard drive or save any large files onto my usb drive. Does anyone know how I can fix my windows boot error through knoppix, or why my computer is freezing up when I try saving or deleting big files in knoppix? I have spent countless hours trying to fix this problem and any help would be greatly appreciated.