's the low-down:

A few months ago I accidentally destroied my Dell PC, it took some time but I built myself a new computer and everything functions correctly.
I pulled the HD from the Dell and set it up as an extra HD on the new PC, put there was a problem, I couldn't access the Dell's "my Documents" folder because I did not have the correct admin setup. So whenever I looked at the folder's properties it said "size=0kb, 0 folders, ect." as though it didn't exist. Of course the information was just locked away, after two and a half months of gathering data I came across knoppix. After putting to CD and making it a bootable disk I finally could access the folder again, but there is one problem: I can't transfer the files.

I am aware that it's unlikely I can safely transfer the contents of the folder to another HD, so I attempted to send it to my pocket USB drive, but every time I tried to copy it to the drive it said:

Colud not write to /media/sdc1/Chess m.2 v1.0.mus.
the drive is set to allow any one to write to it, but for some reason I can't, I even made a copy of the file on the desktop and tried the transfer from there, but it didn't work.

Can anyone help me out of this dilema?

For any one concerned about my trying to do something illegal, I am not. ".mus" files are files associated with the music writing software "Finale" and this particular document happens to be a particularly good song I wrote.