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Thread: Newbie question: Can I burn a CD running from a CD?

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    Newbie question: Can I burn a CD running from a CD?

    I'm a linux/knoppix neophite. I can boot a busted Windows XP laptop to a CD running Knoppix 4.0.2. I can write files to a USB flash drive (thanks to the forums), but I am unable to find out if I can swap out the knoppix CD and burn files to a CD using the only CDRW on the lappy.

    I know this has been answered before. Can somebody steer me there?

    Thanks, CJon

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    With one CD drive and that holding the Knoppix CD, you can only do it in Knoppix if you have enough memory to use the toram cheat code and load the entire CD into RAM (1 gig recommended). You can do it with a smaller distro such as DSL in two ways, you can burn the smaller ISO to the CD but make the CD multi-session and then write your files to a second session on the same CD that you booted from, or you can use the toram cheat code with the smaller distro, which obviously takes less memory than Knoppix and can be done on most modern systems freeing up the CD drive.
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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    I have a similar question.
    I have 2 cdrom drives. In one of them I had the Knoppix disc, in the other I put a blank cd.
    I wanted to make a copy of Knoppix with k3b. Simulation went fine, but after the burn process I couldn't boot from the copy. It gave some error and shew only 4-8 basic shell commands are available, so, the copy process failed. Could it be because knoppix was running from the source drive? Although I didn' launch any application while making the copy.

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