Hi, wonder if you could aid please.

MY situation is this -

I've managed to do the hard drive install of Knoppix 5 live and its gone well.

I can get my wireless WG311T working and on the net as ath0.

Problem is I'm wanting to use Airsnort and when I go into it if does nothing.

I have the madwifi drivers and presume they are installed as I edited Kismet.conf to read source=madwifi_ag,ath0,atheros and is works in Kisemt so I presume the drivers are present. Without the entrance into Kismet kismet won't run for me so I guess the madwifi drivers are there.

I've read alot about saying the madwifi drivers have to be 'patched' Can someone tell me if this 'patch' just means I have to have the regular drivers or if the 'patch' actually alters the Madwifi drivers as they are and adds something to them? From what I have read it points towards adding
something to the already existing bog-standard Madwifi drivers which allows 'packet injection' when using the likes of Airsnort / Aircrack etc. IS THIS CORRECT? Do I need to get a patch for my already existing Madwifi drivers? HELP ! PLEASE !

Regardless I wish the ability of packet injection. How can I see if it has it?

I also read the to get AIRSNORT to work I need to do some kind of virtual lan emulation and point the ath0 to ath1 or something - is this correct too ?

Any answers would be appreciated there is much conflicting information confusing me !