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Thread: "Open with..." dialog when clicking .cmg file: Wha

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    "Open with..." dialog when clicking .cmg file: Wha

    a Klik app ran fine when I clicked Download & Run on the klik page. But now that I have the .cmg file on my desktop, when I click it I get an "Open with..." dialog.

    What program should I select to open a .cmg file? Where is that prog located?

    (I did a search for klik on my computer with several results; not sure which, if any, is the right choice.)

    (Using Xandros 3.02 OCE with KDE)

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    cmg files are run with ".zAppRun" (in your home directory). If you setup klik as described on the klik site, cmg files should automatically be associated with .zAppRun...

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    Easily with:

     sh .zAppRun

    sh /home/username/.zAppRun
    If it dooesn´t work, try searching where the file .zAppRun it´s located (it´s a hidden archive) and give the full path.
    In KDE I could associate them, only after changing the icon of the application.cmg, the check box to associate didn´t apear before.

    Hope this helps.

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