I am using a DSL Aztech Modem. I have finally install Kanotix on my hard drive using VMWare. I am a

Linux newbie.

Before I do a permanent installation on my hard drive, when I was running the LiveCD, I am able to

connect to the Internet using Kanotix. However, after installing, I am unable to connect to the


When I restart the Kanotix system, during boot up, I saw these ...

mount: unknown file system type 'devfs'
sda: asking for cache data failed
sda: assuming drive cache: write through
unmount: devfs: not mounted

ppp_on_boot is deprecated. Please configure your system to use
the standard etc/share/doc/ppp/readme.debian.gz

My question is ... how do I access the etc/share/doc/ppp/readme.debian.gz ??? How do I fix the PPP

problem so that I can access the Internet? Thanks.