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Thread: Re: HDD Mount Issue

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    Re: HDD Mount Issue

    New user to Knoppix. Had a windows drive crap out and am having it recovered elsewhere. Also have another drive (data only) which is acting funny, and would like to try to copy the data off of it onto a USB hDD. When I boot up knoppix and try to mount Hard Disk [hdc] by double clicking it on the Knoppix desktop, I get an error that reads "could not mount [hdc] I could not determine the filesystem type and none was specified."

    Any ideas on how to get around this error? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance from this new user.


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    You need to be more specific and/or more accurate. You don't mount a hard disk, you mount a partition on the hard disk. Normally the first hard disk on an ide controler is hda and the first partition on that disk would be hda1. You would mount hda1, not hda. You might be seeing it as hdc if the hard drive is on the second IDE controler rather than on the more standard primary IDE controler, although I don't know why you would have a desktop icon for hdc rather than hdc1. Consider switching you drive cable to the primary IDE slot for more typical behavior, although I don't see why this really should be needed. And, of course, it can happen that windows can mess up a disk so badly that Knoppix can't mount or read it (I have a couple in this condition).

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    OK, HDD is in Slave position on Primary IDE controller. It is coming up on the desktop now as Hard Disk [hdd] no partitions are showing. when I hover the mouse over the hdd icon it shows the following...

    Name: hdd
    Type: Desktop Config File
    Size: 557B
    Owner: knoppix - knoppix
    Permissions: -rw-r--r--
    Name: Hard Disk [hdd]
    Type: Device
    Device: /dev/hdd
    File System: auto
    Mount Point: media/hdd
    Writable: No

    Hope this helps, and my apologies for not being more clear earlier, as I said, this is my first shot with linux/knoppix.
    If it's not showing a partition, is there an app in knoppix similar to chkdsk in MS?


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