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Thread: upset with klik documentation - help with wrapper and compre

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    upset with klik documentation - help with wrapper and compre

    The klik documentation is giving me a headache. IMHO think you made a big mistake, making automated recipes of applications. It is completely insecure and I have been asked my root password at times. You should download the application and make kliks by hand. Most of it is linuxes fault, a completely disorganized system, where everyone is on disjointed paths.

    The reason I am here is that I have a gui program I made with freebasic and it operates out of a directory. After an hour searching through the documentation I can not figure out how to make a .cmg out of the directory. The directory name is gui, the executable is gui, and it uses 2 images paper.bmp and test.bmp. I could also put a icon in there icon.png.

    how do I make the wrapper? Can you list the wrapper? What exact commands and in order do I need to compress the directory?

    If someone answers I will put it in the wiki. It would be nice to abandon the recipes of the latest and greatest and have 500 Mb of kliks that anyone could download and have run, including java, wine, and linux programs.

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    luckily i figured it out myself

    By decomressing a cramfs. But, i still can't get the icon to work.


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    Hi Bill,

    thanks for your post here.
    * klik does NOT run arbitrary cmg files from random locations
    * the recipe (the information how the cmg file is built) comes from the klik server
    * you do NOT have to worry about creating the cmg yourself, just provide the binaries and klik will take care of the rest
    * in order to get a klik recipe for your app on the server, please see (essentially, drop me a mail)

    Best regards,

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