Hi i have 2 pcmcia cards for my laptop and cant seem to get any to work on knoppix or even on whoppix. im new to linux and dont know what the heck im doing but so far knoppix is showing me i should switch from microsoft to linux. The only thing i want is to connect to my network at home. my pcmcia cards are 1- D-Link DWL-650 (Newest card not old one) and 2- 2wire 802.11b . Know i know i need drivers for them but dont know how to install then or anything like that. if some one could at least give me the site where to get the drivers for at least the 2wire card ill be happy. i know the 2wire pcmcia card has an ornico chipset so im hoping i could try and test my home networks security. well for now im without any sort of home network. i forgot to mention that when i type in lsmod it shows me that it has the prism54/prism chipset witch i know is wrong.all i need is for it to work :P

P.S Any help is appreciated.