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Thread: can not connect to the internet

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    can not connect to the internet

    at last i have my modem working, it will dial my isp,anddial,and dial, and dial.???????
    i`m thinking it may be the firewall , but nothing is in the knoppix books i have.
    can anyone think what is causing this.
    being new to knoppix, and linux, the learning curve is high (interesting)

    thank you greg

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    2 greg m
    I think you have this problem:
    if you set Static IP address in "/usr/sbin/netcardconfig" then you can't dial to your ISP.

    For example set the DHCP in the menu "K -> KNOPPIX -> Network/Internet -> Network card configuration"
    and you can have access to the Internet.

    I've check it 08.01.2007 in Kiev, Ukraine.

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