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Thread: Putting the dvd or cd on a flash Memory stick?

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    Putting the dvd or cd on a flash Memory stick?

    Where can I find information on how to put the Knoppix DVD or CD on a memory stick?

    Is this a simple of matter of copying the *.iso file with K3B or some other DVD/CD burning program as I normally would?

    Or is there some kind of extraction of *.iso files that needs to be done to make a flash memory stick a "boot disk"

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    I spent 2 evenings cracking my head on how to boot knoppix from a usb stick. I googled here, there and everywhere but somehow I can only make my usb stick boot with knoppix 4.0 but not with 5.0 or 5.1.1. I finally found out how to boot knoppix 5.1.1 using my usb stick and it's so damn easy. All you need is a CD version of 5.1.1 since a DVD version would be too big to copy even to a 4GB usb stick. Boot your machine with the CD, go to a terminal window and type the command "mkbootdev" without the quotes. You just answer a series of simple questions and the whole CD will be copied to your usb stick. Presto and my 2GB usb stick has just been converted into a knoppix 5.1.1 live CD!!! I now have a complete OS which I can carry around in a 2GB usb stick. Knoppix rocks!!!


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