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Thread: Sound on Gericom laptop

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    Sound on Gericom laptop

    Hi, I've bought a Gericom P iv -2.4Ghz mounting SIS 7012 like a audio controller.
    I've tried with all release of linux but i can't hear any sounds.
    I've found only Open Sound Driver and something it's hearable.
    Somebody has found any better solution?

    Knoppix - Debian - Red Hat - SUSE - SCO - Slackware.

    Kernel tried .... not as far from all!

    Write me soon, I can't play anything!

    Thanks for all

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    Gericom? That reminds me of a certain laxative. :P

    Anyway- check out this post which may be of some help.

    Also check out this this thread

    BTW- I found all of this info by using the search function here on the site and on G4L

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