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Thread: internet connection problems

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    internet connection problems

    Hy, i have a persistent in ternet connection problem that is driving me crazy: I'm using Knoppix liveDVD 5.1 and trying to configure a pppoe connection with the ADSL/PPPoE configuration tool, but it just doesn't do the job in the right way (it does find the access concentrator sometimes, but it claims it busy; other times doesn't find it at all). I had the same problem with the knoppix liveDVD 5.0. Curently i'm using a Kanotix distribution and i used "My PPPoE Conf" tool to configure my internet connection - it worked just fine and took just about 5 seconds to do it. By the way, i tried the ADSL/PPPoE configuration tool (the very same one i used in knoppix) and guess what: i got the same answers like the ones when using the tool in knoppix. Iwas just wondering, could you add "My PPPoE Conf" tool to Knoppix and help me with my connection problem. Personally, I consider Knoppix so much better than kanotix, but without a proper internet connection i can't get very much use of it.

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    Please go here, and read answer 3 and then answer 4. With more information we may be able to help more.
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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