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Thread: knoppix 3.9 admin password

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    knoppix 3.9 admin password

    Am new to Linux. I can't use the internet with my laptop[thinkpad 600 & Linksys card] nor my desktop also IBM.
    I can't get the system to detect the wireless card inthe laptop nor the motorola card in the desktop.

    To configure them i need the Administrators password, i've looked in a lot of files of the documentation in the cd, no luck.

    Can anyone help? i need the Adminisreator's password fpr Knoppix 3.9 to start or Knoppix 4.2?

    thanks, redserpent

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    Goto the shell:

    Type "Sudo su" (without quotes - then click enter)
    Type "passwd root" it will then ask for a new password.

    Had this problem too .

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