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Thread: more internet connection problems

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    more internet connection problems


    i'm new to

    here's what i'm starting with--i have run the knoppix 4.0.2 distro live and liked it so much i decided to install it on one of my several partitions. i had initially partitioned the hda drive using partition magic, installed in the win xp partition, hda1, then used knoppix live to re-partition it with qtparted, which i now prefer.

    the computer i'm using is a compaq presario laptop 3 1/2 years old with a 40 gb hd. i also have a desktop imac g5. both are attached by cable to a dlink dl-450 wireless router from which i removed the antenna. the router is connected to a dlink dsl-300g adsl modem which receives its dsl signal thru a telephone line.

    i can connect to the internet with the partitioned laptop if i choose the win xp partition, but not thru the knoppix partition. i can also connect to the internet with the imac g5. the 2 computers are not networked (yet).

    in the knoppix partition, i go to control center and choose "internet & network connections". of the 8 choice there the only one relevant seems to be "local network browsing", which has 3 tabs--"windows shares", "Lisa daemon" and "lan: i/o slave". i fill each in to the best of my knowledge and click "apply" for each.

    upon completion i receive a message that the config file is saved to /etc/lisarc, and that i should go to for exampleas of a script i have to write before i can connect. here's where i'm at a standstill--connecting to the internet has never been this hard. my knowledge of the command language is minimal, but more importantly--i don't know if i should even be trying to work with the Lisa daemon.

    can anybody help? i need a step-by-step procedure starting with "internet & network connections".

    if i get this one solved, i'll be back for more help configuring a triple-boot (and beyond) system with the above two os's and several more linux distos on a total of 6 partitions (win xp is in a 10gb partition, followed by a 1 gb linux-swap, a 5 gb knoppix partition and 3 more ext2 formatted 5 gb partitions)


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    hi again,

    please disregard my earlier post describing the problem.

    the solution was so simple i must apologize: enter--
    knoppix--->network/Internet--->network card configuration

    2 ethernet choices are given, eth0 and eth1. if the first choice doesn't connect to the internet, try the second choice and -presto!


    thanks anyway.

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