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Thread: Internet problems

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    Internet problems

    I'm running the latest ver of knoppix and cant get wierless to work it says im connected to my router but i cant use the internet plz help a noob out

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    You need to post with more information. Is your version 5.0 or 5.11 ? With 5.11 the wireless drivers will work,
    with 5.0 there is a problem.
    You also need to state what your wireless card is, is it built into a laptop, in which case from a terminal as root run


    and post the result.
    If you are connected to your router, again open a terminal and type, ifconfig, this will give the configuration for thr interface that is connected. Your problem may be the default route, or lack of one, or may be a problem with /etc/resolv.conf

    Next post, tell us if you have run netcardconfig, the results of
    lspci, ifconfig, and route -n

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