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Thread: No mouse with Knoppix 5.1.1 on Virtual PC 2007

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    im haveing the same problem i was wondering if it was because i was useing a touch-pad or if it was just a no mouse problem

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    I took my optical mouse apart and cleaned all of the cat hairs and incrustations that have collected inside. It seems to work a little better but it still malfunctions on a daily basis. I also ran a diagnostic on all four of my optical mice and the benchmark told me that they were all "bad" !!! I bought them in 2006.

    It looks like a conspiracy of some of the technology manufacturers to purposely make products that will require replacement within a couple of years (or months). Similar to Microsoft's underhanded marketing strategy. Anything that Microsoft makes will need to be replaced in a very short time from the date that it was purchased because ALL Microsoft products (hardware and software) are designed to malfunction. Anything that is made by this large group of Microsoft hoodlums should be taken out of the marketplace so that unwary customers won't continue to blindly throw their money toward these people who engage in fraudulent and criminal practices--people who sponge off of others and who avoid
    honest work!!!

    Long Live LINUX !!!


    Quote Originally Posted by alivec
    im haveing the same problem i was wondering if it was because i was useing a touch-pad or if it was just a no mouse problem

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    It happened to me as well, but with QEMU (another virtual machine tool) it works.

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    Re: RE: no mouse knoppix with virtual pc 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by brakerm19
    - "i8042.noloop" makes the PS/2 mouse work, otherwise it's stuck in
    the center of the screen; reference: comment #45 at

    - "psmouse.proto=imps" makes the mouse wheel work; optional as it's
    not that usefull during the install, but usefull to add it to kernel
    options for normal system use.
    Ill try to explain this again:
    at knoppix boot instead of hitting enter or typing knoppix only you need to pass it kernel options:
    knoppix i8042.noloop psmouse.proto=imps

    I hope that helps ya.

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    I am running microsoft virtual pc 2007 and using wireless keyboard and mouse. The keyboard works but the mouse didn't. I put in "i8042.noloop usbmouse.proto=imps" and it worked

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