I am wanting to blacklist the bcm43xx driver, which requires a entry in the /etc/modprobe.conf file, as per the following instructions:

When alternate (linux kernel) drivers are installed and if you would rather disable that and use ndiswrapper, you can do so by blacklisting the module. For example, if bcm43xx is the alternate driver, to disable it, add

blacklist bcm43xx
to module configuration file (typically /etc/modprobe.conf).

Without having to re-burn the entire Knoppix CD, how am I able to make changes such as this to files that are on the CD?
I am using the Knoppix v5.1.1 CD and I am seeking a solution similar to PATH in that you could change the search sequence for the file and have it look in another location first before looking in the default location, and in whatever directory it finds the file first, to use that file. I am seeking some sort of alias or redirection or search sequence. This would cause the application to look first in /dir1, then /dir2, then /etc, and if the file is found in dir2, use that file. Then I could specify that /dir2 is on a local hard drive.

This is just my first config file modification of which I assume there will be more and I just can't imagine having to re-burn the CD everytime a config file on the CD needs a modification.

I'm really hoping that I don't have to install the entire Knoppix CD to the hard drive.

Can anyone please help me with this or point me to some very simplistic documentation that can explain this to a newbie like me?

Thanks for your help.