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Thread: knoppix and virus scan

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    knoppix and virus scan

    over at their talking about useing knoppix and antivir to clean viruses off windows ntfs drives

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    I dont think

    I dont think that thats possible but If you need to scan from a bootable cd I suggest the Linux defender live cd or MINI-PE wich is a Windows live cd

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    Knoppix virus scan


    sure its possible. Did you read the link. I know I have used clam and fprot from knoppix. Appears that antivir works too.

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    Yea id think that would be easily possible. Just boot up knoppix, mount the windows hd, then install an anti-virus program, if knoppix doesn't already have one(doubt it), and scan the windows hd. I'm not positive how the anti virus scanners work tho on linux, if they scan for different stuff, and maybe you have to download windows virus definitions?

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