I have an older Sony Vaio 505 series laptop. It is a PCG-Z505SX. It has a Pentium II running at 400 MgHz. Dmesg. reports it as 396 MgHz. This seems to be one of the wierd motherboards that somehow sends an incorrect report on the quantity of memory to Linux. It has 64Megs on board, and will accept up to 128 Megs of SoDIMM for a total of 192Megs. However, both Knoppix 4.2 and 5.1.1 crash horribly with Cloop and memory addressing error messages unless I add the cheatcode "Mem=128M". The bios correctly reports 192Megs, but Linux refuses this amount.
Is there a way to get the benefit of that extra 64 Megs AFTER booting?