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Thread: realplayer with klik yes--stream stored episodes no???

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    realplayer with klik yes--stream stored episodes no???

    have done klik steps and it works fine with national public radio [npr] live stream and .ram files

    however a great part of npr is to listen to saved stories [not just live stream]. npr has a red 'listen' button that you can click to hear those stored segments. under these links are the following type of data:

    javascript:launchPlayer('9575459', '1', '13-Apr-2007', '&topicName=News&subtopicName=Iraq&prgCode=ATC&hub Id=-1&thingId=9575458', 'RM,WM');
    javascript:launchPlayer('9577145', '1', '13-Apr-2007', '&topicName=Health___Science&subtopicName=Health__ _Science&prgCode=ATC&hubId=-1&thingId=9571484', 'RM,WM,RM,WM');

    realplayer will not play this.

    suggestions about how to manage this issue? are their other steps with klik that will help? is apt or synaptic needed to listen to these types of links?
    klik did handle this at one time but does not seem to now.

    from a new live dvd user who is loving this non windows experience, thanks

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    Since klik installs only stand-alone applications (not plug-ins), you need to open your stream in the Mplayer application. This works just like it would work without klik. If you need additional instructions for how to get and enter the URL in mplayer, it's best to ask directly in the mplayer forums.

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