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Thread: NDISWrapper+Broadcom-4306 Not Working [Properly]

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    NDISWrapper+Broadcom-4306 Not Working [Properly]

    I don't get it. I have a Moto WPCI810 WiFi card, which works great under Slax-5 w/ NDISWrapper. Frankly it works fine under Knoppix 5.11 using WEP+BCM43xx. But my WEP router is going away in thirty-six hours and BCM43xx says the driver doesn't support WPA-PSK. Okay, let's switch to NDISWrapper but Knoppix' NDISWrapper doesn't load the bcmwl5 driver ! No errors, just doesn't load it.

    All I'm looking for is WPA-PSK support for this adapter. The driver (bcmwl5) is the latest (and final) driver from Moto. It does WPA-PSK under Windows. Hell, the NDISWrapper wiki shows this driver in the examples of making NDISWrapper work. Does anyone have ideas, having solved this problem ? I'm thinking maybe a diff driver (bcmwl5) that'll do what's needed w/ NDISWrapper. Went looking to the site for more ans, but it looks like they're gone. Fortunately, I got the fwcutter (not that it's helping anymore) bef they went away. Thanx....Jet

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    Once I had something else working (Slax), I was able to resolve my issues w/ ndiswrapper, WPA, and Knoppix. It was a matter of removing the bcm43xx driver, deleting the old /etc/ndiswrapper (from the prev run), then redo everything EXCEPT for the 'depmod -a' step from the NDISWrapper Wiki. Seems that no one, other than the NDISWrapper people themselves recommend doing this. Was causing problems. Anyway, it was a matter of finding the exact sequence of commands to make everything work. Life is good again with my preferred router operational....Jet

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