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    Is it possible to boot over PXE but instead of using the /cdrom directory, to merge it with unionfs with another directory containing other files. I have been unable to this, so either there is something I am not getting, or it can't be done. The mount failed.

    Another thing I tried was nfs a unique directory with synlinks to the entire cdrom directory structure (except the directories were not symlinks, only the files). This worked, but it could not load the knoppix filesystem.

    Basically, I want to be able to include my file in the mount directory.

    So really the question is what would be the best way to PXE boot with a writable nfs directory that could load the filesystem, without copying everything from /crom to a new directory, this just isn't an option for me.


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    I have resolved this issue. I modified linuxrc to mount another partition that contained my script and all the relevant files. I basically put this as the very last thing because anything too early in the boot process and I get confused.

    Even though none answered my post, some of you may have helped without realizing it since I just learned about the linuxrc script from reading through other discussions.

    I would also like to note that although I haven't confirmed this, I believe in order to nfs mount a unionfs with the knoppix filesystem, the kernel needs to be compiled with unionfs, that is you can't just load the module with the NIC drivers, I tried, it didn't work.

    Also, if you want to symlinking the KNOPPIX image will not work because nfs has some issues with symlinks and paths depending on what the directories are named as well as if they are shared or not. Also, linuxrc checks for a real KNOPPIX file, so that would need to be changed as well.


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