I have a rather old laptop that has accepted live CD versions of Knoppix quite nicely. I am interested in installing Knoppix to the HD. It is currently has a partition where Win 98 is installed and other partitions (recognized jointly as a separate hd when I boot using the Live CD) which have an old linux distribution installed. I want to install solely to the partitions that linux is current on and particularly not muck with the MBR or the Win98 partition, until I see that it works ok.

So, my question is - How to I tell the installer to "wipe" the linux install and not touch the win98 partition? I am obviously ignorant about the choice of the available partitioning tools and the sequence (repartition first with tool "X" [or delete those partitions], then use the available HD installer and in there direct it to install in the partitions previously used for linux, or simply start with the installer and use it for the repartitioning as the initial part of the install).

I don't mean to be lazy; if there is a howto that would lead me through this, please just send me there.