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Thread: nVidia 7000 Series Problem...

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    nVidia 7000 Series Problem...

    The last three versions of Knoppix have not supported the 7000 series chipsets, causing X to go blank when starting and put the monitor into sleep mode. The driver provided by nVidia compiles and installs, but then X won't start, claiming it found screens but none were usable. We can get around this using VESA, but it KILLS performance. Has anybody managed to get a working driver for the 7000 or later chipsets? Older series nVidia chipsets such as the 6000 series work flawlessly, but we're in the age of the 8000 series and I am sure a large portion os us use the 7000 series. So, do we have any real resolutions to this issue?

    For those of you who wish to use or try Knoppix on one of these chipsets, you may start Knoppix with the following command at the "boot:" prompt.
    knoppix xmodule=vesa

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    So with all the posts on this forum about the nVidia driver giving problems with X, nobody has found a working solution aside from running in slow VESA? I have tried several different ways to build the nVidia driver, but it always claims that it can't find any screens, although it's working fine on this exact same machine under XP Pro. Also, will this issue finally be addressed in 5.2 or whatever is next?

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