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Thread: hdd install - optimization.

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    hdd install - optimization.

    okay so i have installed knoppix to my hd
    and even installed other applications like
    skype, eclipse sdk, pcanywhere web remote
    but i would like to streamline it some more.

    Is it necessary to have the ramdisk that
    i see when i boot up ( ramdisk size=100000)

    If anyone could help me or counsel me to
    let me know if this is even possible?

    i have 128mb ram so would the cheatcode

    knoppix mem=128m

    tell another part of linux to lower my ramdisk?

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    Okay i fgured it out.

    when i get to the grub loader, i can hit 'e' to edit the
    small script (is this a file somehwere?) using bash line
    editing commands (stretching way back in memory now..)

    i changed it to ramdisk size=0 and it loaded up fine
    no problems.

    It screams now, no delay full java applets that bog down on
    1.8ghz windows xp snap to on this 850mhz knoppix 5.1.1
    hdd install..

    In case anyone else wanted to know.. the leap to linux
    is worth it there is nothing i want to do yet that cant
    be done smoother and faster on this install.

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    What does the "ramdisk size" actually do?

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    ramdisk hdd install knoppix dist-upgrade hard drive install

    okay i haven't had much time to research or experiment
    but the power went out and i forgot to change the size to 0
    (i never have to reboot normally,,awesome) but it appears
    to run faster with the ramdisk left as is.. so perhaps it is
    using the ramdisk instead of a swap file and this would
    explain why its better with the ramdisk on?

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    LD ramdisk is all your ram, but it may have problems detecting, when you run the live cd as is you use your ramdisk for saving files when NOT using a persistent home or HDD install

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    hdd install optimization ramdisk size

    I loaded up knoppix 5.1.1 , hit ctrl-alt-f1 to bring up root terminal tty

    and then i typed knoppix-hdinstall and went through the prompts then
    did a apt-get dist-upgrade

    that goes on forever
    and finally for good luck an:

    apt-get update

    and now i have a fully installed Debian Linux system with
    KDE 3.5.5 and i have loaded skype that works with my
    cyberphone k usb phone, borland kylix, eclipse sdk, videolan
    media player, pcAnywhere and much much more! There isnt
    a thing i want to do that i cant do with this install... from burning
    dvds to watching divx its ready to roll....

    I was really impressed when i had some applications running and
    i crashed KDE then when i restarted KDE x windows system my
    applications were still running, not trapped in the kernel as with
    some other <ahem> os'es ... ( osii? )
    the question i have is am i correct in observing that with a ramdisk
    i am getting better performance on the full install?

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