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Thread: wireless woes

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    wireless woes

    I'm having an issue with a sony pcg-grx700 + a dlink dwl-g650 card with knoppix 3.7 live.

    Currently, it sees ath0, has my SSID up, shows managed, frequency, access point, and bit rate, along with link quality & signal level.

    My link light is lit, but pump -i ath0 gives me operation failed after the lights blink.

    I've read that there may be an issue with dhcpd, but all that appears to be here is dhcpd3 which isn't running..

    Wondering if I have an issue, or if I'm missing something obvious. Also, it's a possibility that this card is malfunctioning, as I get the same thing in Windows -- detected, but not connected.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Apparently, using the old wind0ze trick will work, as I got the card working both in linux and windoze.

    install driver, then install card. With the system booting up with the card instead of hotplugging, I have no probs.

    Thanks for the quiet help.

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