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Thread: Utility for increasing size of Knoppix persistent disk image

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    Utility for increasing size of Knoppix persistent disk image

    As we start using knoppix more and more, a need starts to appear to increase the size of the home image. I initially started mine at 512mb, and today it is 84% full. If there is a utility to increase it it would be great. Also, I noticed that my iceweasal got upgraded with the firefox upgrade. When the next version of knoppix comes out, how will this upgrade affect the version in knoppix. Maybe application upgrades need to be kept in a special location that we can wipe out when we upgrade to a new version of knoppix. Since I am running from the ISO, these upgrades are taking up space in my home image.

    Neeraj Nigam

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    Since I just faced this, and figure I should put the answer up somewhere I can find it next time I need it...
    although there are other posts that have answered it already such as

    On AN UMOUNTED knoppix.img...
    resize2fs /pathTo/your/knoppix.img sizeM (where sizeM is how big you wish it to be in Megabytes,)

    That command's output instructs me to do another command... which I do.
    Then repeating the resize2fs knoppix.img sizeM command just works.

    I found this on Google Books version of Knoppix Hacks by Kyle Rankin page 66, Hack 21.

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    Increasing size of Knoppix persistent disk image

    Hi johnrw and thanks for your reply on increasing disk image size.
    The problem is as we increase the disk size, it becomes full very soon by doing just for example surfing web.
    Please have a look on
    I'm using Knoppix version 6.0.1 Live CD which I've installed it on a USB flash disk. And the instructions on that post could not solve my problem as there was no such commands like "gauge" or "killgauge".
    Any idea ?

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    It would save a lot of time if a small persistent size could be used initially and have a menu choice to add move space and maybe even a warning message if getting low.

    I was amazed how fast knoppix created a boot USB and how much time it took to create a persistent space. Would be really helpful to have an easy way to add more space.

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