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Thread: wired networking issue in Knoppix 5.2

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    wired networking issue in Knoppix 5.2

    I'm running on an Acer 5200 (which I can't seem to find much Linux related compatibility info on) and I've been having some issues with connecting to both my wired and wireless network.

    When I'm in the Network Settings dialog box, I see both my ethernet (eth0) and wireless (ath0) connections. When I click on Properties, they're both enabled, and when I click on Properties for the wireless connection, I can even see local networks listed. When I try to activate either of them however, I get the message "Could not enable the interface X. Check that the settings are correct for this network and that the computer is correctly connected to it.

    I've double and tripple checked the settings for the wireless connection (which I would typically assume is simply a driver problem) and made certain that the laptop is connected to a working ethernet cable (tested that with a quick boot to Windows), so I am baffled as to what could be wrong. If anyone could help out, I would really appreciate it, and if I missed the answer buried somewhere in the forums ala FAQ #7, sorry.


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    If your wireless works on windows xp, you have a very big chance you can make it runs on Knoppix 5.1.1

    I just added a FAQ entry to the Network FAQ section under the topic "How to setup the wireless connection using ndiswrapper under Knoppix 5.1.1".

    Take a look at it and it might help to solve your problem.


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