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Thread: klik and 64-bit systems

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    klik and 64-bit systems

    I tried everything to get klik to work on my Kubuntu Feisty 64-bit system -- then I discovered a line right at the bottom of the FAQ (hidden away) that stated: klik would not work properly on a 64-bit system.

    It would be nice if Klik would analyze the system and let you know this when installing itself or at the very least have a visible "requirements" note stating this on the webpage when downloading it. This would have saved me (and maybe others) a considerable amount of time trying to get everything working.

    Anyway, I would like to see it work on 64 bit systems -- sounds like a great idea. Any chances that this is being worked on now?

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    tjk, you are right, we should state the requirements more clearly.

    It is not likely that we'll see a 64bit native version soon since most closed-source software is not available in 64bit versions (Skype, RealPlayer, Picasa, Google Earth,... you name it).

    Having said that we have reports that klik *does* work on 64bit systems *if* 32bit compatibility libraries are present.

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